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Originally Posted by ThePumpkinKing View Post
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the Nav Cards are all tied to the final easter egg. As in, the very last one that can only be done after you've done every one that comes before. In fact, I'm sure of it. There will be one in each map. And whatever their final purpose, each player will need a different card. With all four players having 4 separate cards.

So, for now, don't even bother trying to figure them out. Because they don't have any direct relation to completing this EE.

As far as this egg goes. Check the roof of the Dragon building. On the isolated corner that's to the left of the dragon from where you start on the map (isolated as meaning you can only get to it from higher. And only get out of it by dropping down) there is a circular symbol on the floor. Couldn't tell if it was a dragon or a buhdda. But I heard a sound when I hit the X button to interact with it. So, it could be related to the egg.

And again, I'll bet that there are two different ways to finish the egg. Maxis or Richtofen.

if your refering to the corner that has the little room with the tv in it, the lift that you use to get up there has a key hole, was just up there but did not have a key =(

EDIT- just used a key, not sure what it did heard a fire alarm though

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