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Originally Posted by KFZ Scrubs View Post
All I can say is people who don't have the DLC are probably mad screaming "OP!"
i have the DLC, and I gotta say, this new gun has some amazing accuracy, and here is why I say that...

I was going on a killstreak with my MTAR when I noticed my gun hit the big E (Empty), so, I picked up an enemies Peacekeeper and went to town...

The funny thing about the gun is how I can aim to the left or to the right of a guy, and still hit him even though my crosshair is nowhere near him...

Not to mention....Downhill.....Full auto peacekeeper from across the map 98.9% accuracy..Downhill with Burst Fire MTAR across the map 18.9% a full auto sub machine gun is more accurate than a burst fire assault rifle is beyond me...
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