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My experience and my two cents and surely to be the oddball.

I've been playing since November, slightly on and off.
I have a friend who started last week.
They bought the happy pack and gotten a 500+ dmg weapon. 600+ after they modified a few.
They were level 8 and has a better weapon than me and I was level 24.
Just like that.

I've been weapon item leveling as much as I can for both my Warrior and Cleric before I got my friend into the game and can't get nowhere near 400+.
I'm lucky to even earn a weapon that's close to 100 dmg!

After they told me about what they did, I looked in the Item Shop, wasn't going to buy anything but I checked out Lucky's Findings or whatever it's called. Bam, found a 500+ spiked mace looking weapon.

C'mon people, am I the only one who think this is wrong?
Why can't you NORMALLY earn an item that's fitting to your current level?

I'm not mad at my friend, I expected this game to pull such shit off.
But I'm very displeased that in an instant of money transaction that they're instantly better than me versus my 18 hours of gameplay.

How the hell do I get better weapons?! TELL ME!
Because the last thing I need to do is beat Story Mode and that thing is asinine.

If I have to kill a fuckton of enemies in one round in order to get better weapons, then I'm screwed. No way that I can be those people whose in the spotlight getting 10 kills w/o dying. Happy Spinner is a joke, its only good when youre a low level because you get low leveled ass items that suit you. I must be cursed if Happy Spinner is actually working for others. And as for earning items in Story Mode, its hard to get better items when you cant beat story mode because dont have better items.
My Marvel Ultimate Alliance Item Location Guide

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