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Downhill: Enjoyed the games i had on this last night, lots saying its a campers paradise but ive yet to see this. its quite big and open and i like the look of it. 7/10

Grind: I totally agree with this being the new stadium map, i LOVE this map its so much fun, the curved edges make a huge difference to the way it plays out and pretty much allows all play styles. 10/10

Hydro: Absolutely awful. Feels like Meltdown with waterfalls. Terrible flow to it, no pun intended. i felt this sums up my feelings, all my friends like it, i HATE it worst map in the game for me coupled with Meltdown. 1/10

The map ive had least games on, the bus and balcony past the bus seem to be campers/snipers paradise, it looks good however, is a decent size and offers a good variety of ways to play. a solid addition. 8/10

Die Riese: Had one game with what sounded like a group of 4 year olds but to be honest it was brilliant, an absolute 100% improvement for me, i was so dissapointed with what BO2 had to offer zombie wise, if this map is the example of whats to come then Zombies for me is back with a bang it is fantastic, round 9 was all i got to but i can see many wasted hours on this map. 10/10
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