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Originally Posted by luciano666 View Post
Sorry but I really don't get it...I've finished Black side hard, I quit than white side normal but i can't select both red sides...when I use stage select do I have to do all the missions again or just the main story? I tried to do Black side normal stage 4 from the level select but nothing as changed and I even didn't get the achievement...
You do black side/ white side, get to and finish stage 4, the game switches to the opposite side, complete that to stage 4, then it switches to the red side of the one you started on, complete that and you get the original side's achievement.

Then, if you go through the game again on normal from the opposite side to the one you did the hard playthrough on, that unlocks every level for stage select.

From there you can select the opposite red side to the hard one you already completed and just do that and one fight in stage 4 (You'll know it if you got that far) to get the other hard achievement.

All in all, do one playthrough on hard starting as one side, one playthrough on normal starting as the other side, then stage select the two remaining normal/hard 'complete the game' stages (plus the one left out in stage 4) to get the two remaining achievements.

It's pretty complicated in how it's arranged but it's better than having to play through it four times I guess. Also, you can pick whatever character you want in stage select, which is a huge plus...especially if you were lucky enough to get Bayonetta .
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