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Alright here's what I've got.

Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG View Post
Defender 10
Destroy 3 enemy bombers in each wave on Realistic difficulty in the "First Carrier Fleet" mission.
This one actually unlocked for me after destroying the second wave of bombers. I had beaten the level on realistic before so I don't know if this achievement is cumulative or what.

Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG View Post
You Will Be Ace 10
You Will Be Ace

Multiplayer related.

You will need to kill four (4) enemy planes in a versus mode in order to unlock this achievement. Note that AI can count toward this tally and that it can be done against human players as well as bots.
For this one you actually have to kill four human players. Sorry if I confused you, to clarify reference: Wins against a team of only bots counts, Kills against bots do not count. This goes for medal/skins/decals/ect.

Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG View Post
Make a Flight 30
Complete any mission in CO-OP mode

Co-op mode can be found in the multiplayer/versus menus. All you need to do is grab one friend or one online partner and simply complete a mission together.
This one I actually got after doing a single mission solo. I'm assuming if you make your an online match you will get it regardless if anyone joins or not.

Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG View Post
Winner 20
Complete any Dynamic campaign

Story related. This is awarded for completing either dynamic campaign. The above achievements are linked to the Japanese and American dynamic campaigns. You should complete both for max exp since rank 10 requires quite a bit of experience.
This is actually a completely different mode than the story campaigns. It's basically a series of sets of missions in a certain area. There's a couple of thing to note about it: you can only use planes you have unlocked in the hanger, and each mission requires a specific plane. Also if you die you will have to pay to respawn. That said this is the best place outside of versus to gain credits and XP.

The easiest way to get this achievement is to set the year to 1939 so you can use the free default plane, and set it to three wins for victory. I'd recommend the Soviets here since have the best starter plane.

Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG View Post
Second Wave 10
Bomb two different targets by one loadout in the mission "Second Wave".

Bomb two ships! Use your bomb on one ship and wait for it to reload and come around for a different ship. Once your second bomb hits that ship the achievement will unlock. Be sure not to switch planes.
You have to bomb two of the flashing targets here, the non target ships will not unlock it. You need to be quick since when the first target is hit it will start a cut-scene. Not difficult since the target battleships are very close together and nicely lined up

Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG View Post
Second Breath 10
Rearm on the airfield between attacks on hostile ships in the mission "American Counterattack".

Go out and attack one of the cargo ships. Make sure to dump at least one of your bombs. Now turn around and head back toward the airstrip. On simplistic difficulty you will rearm in mid air.
For this one you have to land at the airstrip, even on simplistic. I'm pretty sure to get this you will have destroy both of the cargo ships, then land before attacking the destroyer.
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