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You definitely do not get kills if you die. I made a point to compare during the zombie event for the first EX3 costume. It's annoying. I may just keep replaying Chris/Jake and kill the giants there if I can't get good at Requiem of War.

That said, the EX3 costumes are the Alternate Loadout, so it's the same loadout for EX1 and EX2, not the default.

I wanted Sherry (I love her loadout and use her constantly, and love Sherry to begin with) but I went with Chris first so my girlfriend didn't get offended about me choosing Sherry again. I am *definitely* picking Sherry for this event, however.

I was debating between Leon and Chris. Wanted Leon to celebrate the anniversary of RE2, but I like EX Chris's loadout significantly more than EX Leon's. Mainly because I am a huge fan of shotguns, so all loadouts containing one is on my awesome list.

Looks great. People kept whining about the blocky costumes and they're pretty damn smooth/HD for how 'blocky' they are.

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