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Originally Posted by red_hammer View Post
The game is not very difficult - the strategy part is very easy since there is no AI oponent, the tactical encounters can be restarted as often as you want (you can't save during the encounters though).
On the other hand there are 2 purely luck based chievos and 3 seem to be pretty problematic for my boosting partner atm (Shooting Fish in a Barrel might even be a bit glitchy, although it unlocked for me but not for my partner...)

So to be on the safe side I'd say it's a 5/10, maybe a 6 if you're incredibly unlucky - but only due to those luck factors.
The game's "difficulty" (literally) is a 3/10 imho - you can play on easy and restart combat as often as you want - so you can't do much wrong...

Time: Think approx 50hrs although I can't tell how much time I spent already...
Great, thank you.
One last thing, the game is good like X-com or crapy like Port Royale 3?
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