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Originally Posted by Blide11 View Post
Episode 7 - Chapter 4
~13 Minutes
~3,000 EXP
174 Kills

Grunt 64
Grunt Imperial 23
Jackal 25
Jackal Ranger 22
Jackal Major 8
Elite 13
Elite Officer 3
Elite Ranger 9
Hunter 2
Crawler 3
Crawler Alpha 1
Watcher 1

Not sure what difficulty is being used for theses statistics, but on heroic (mostly) and legendary (all), all above mentioned grunts are ultra/heavy rank. A grand total of 87 is very significant for this commendation, and yes, legendary takes a bit longer and is a bit tougher but its worth it. Happy hunting
I would like to add to this that if you keep replaying the first minute of this mission and stay up top just snipe the ultras with your DMR that keep funneling through the door. I avoid everything but grunts while doing this and once they stop coming I restart the mission. You can get 15 ultras in 1 minute doing this along with a couple of jackals from all 3 classes. Also pick stickies as your gnade. Run up to the human nades right in front of you. From the top platform right as your hud pops up throw all 4 gnades at the front door at about a 45 degree angle. If done correctly you can kill a lot of the ranger jackals that like to jump up and kill you as you are doing this. Also put dexterity on for quick reloads there is an ammo crate to your right if you need some more and if you die just restart.

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