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Originally Posted by luciano666 View Post
So I screwed everything quitting the campaign at the End of the 4th stage...
I and unfortunately a lot others have done this now. What I am hoping (can someone confirm this?) is that since I did Black 1-4 on hard I can...
  1. Start Hard on White, complete White-1 to 4, quit
  2. Start Medium on White, complete it all and unlock White Red
  3. Start Easy on Black, complete it all and unlock White Red
  4. Stage Select White Red and Black Red on Hard

In my eyes that'd mean I have every stage done on hard, can stage select White/Black Red and don't have to re-do Black 1-4 on Hard (which would be a nightmare). And it also means I can get the 'no deaths' on Easy.

Someone please confirm if so.
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