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Originally Posted by Hurricane Of 87 View Post
It does. you use the melee button to activate it. It drops down and causes a shockwave around it.

I don't feel the pinger is OP since it's cumbersome as fuck to manoeuvre and rotating the turret is sloooooooow.
After piloting the Pinger myself, i can say that it is flimsier than Halo vehicles (halo vehicles are constructed from recycled cardboard), It is only good for downing gunships and people dim enough to run around in the open without cloaking.

Also it is cumbersome; the tight, small maps in the beta don't give it many chances to shine.

More things I noticed:
- Hunter rounds are too short, 2 minutes waaat?! >.>
- The HUD is flipping tiny (w/o HD)
- Death animations are bugged, because beta.
- Kill cams are about as inaccurate as the ones in Halo 4, but at least they work every time.
- I have experienced freezing , but only when i am the last dead guy.
- You will sometimes "auto-melee" when hostiles approach you.
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