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Roadmap to 300g

*Litepink wrote the roadmap to the first 250, I have added the Big Thrills DLC and updated the overview.


- Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10
- Offline: 8 [300/300]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 250:18+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: N/A
- Glitchy achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: No

This roadmap covers the game Trials HD, along with the "Big Pack" DLC. To get the complete 250/250 gamerscore it will take immense amount of skill and even more so, patience. The Extreme tracks take lots of trial and error, and will likely cause great aggravation for its difficulty. Many of the other tracks and achievements are fun and obtainable, so don't write this game off as complete frustration. Trials is a blast, have fun and get what achievements you can.

Step #1: Create a Track
Under "User Content" from the main menu, there is an Editor option. Make a quick track, then upload it, for your first achievement.

Step #2: Beginner and Easy Tracks
Zip through the beginner and easy tracks to earn some Gold medals to unlock more tracks and tournaments. You will get a few achievements along the way for obtaining five gold medals and unlocking your first tournament.

Step #3: Medium Tracks
Several achievements to be had here. The first track "Where's the Ground" features explosive barrels and your first chance to get Leave Nothing in One Place. Landing on a barrel should break every bone in your body and wreck your bike, for an achievement. Next achievement is in the track "Container Rush". Hold down the throttle for the entire run on this track, for Full Throttle. Next achievement stop is in "Stock Market" track. Take the secret route and find the elevator to fall in as described in the Achievement Guide for another achievement. Next, in "Groundhog Returns", you need to complete the track ONLY with your throttle. The last track "Jolly Jumper" also has a secret path in which you must strike down 10 pins. Again, use the guide as a reference of where to find the pins.

Step #4: The DLC Tracks and Achievements

Big Pack
Two are located in medium tracks. One in the hard tracks. So, since you just finished the regular medium tracks you can jump straight to "Workshop of Secrets". Again, refer to the Achievement Guide to get No Deal which requires you to access a certain route and land in a certain box. You do not need to complete the track for this achievement. Next, go to "Dangerous Ride" and find the car with monster truck wheels. Ride the car completely through, an the second DLC achievement is yours, no need to finish the track

The third and final DLC achievement is in the "Skyway" track, a Hard difficulty track. Bounce on the five trampolines and once you touch the fifth one, the last DLC achievement is yours.

Big Thrills
You will need to complete all the tracks in this DLC to get Completionist. You don't need to get gold medals or anything, just complete all tracks. Pilgramage on extreme may give you difficulties, but as with the rest of this game, just keep practicing and you will get there.
Load up Barrel of Laughs and do a faultless run on the Donkey bike for Donkey Challenge and Secret Base and get to the end for Detour. These two achievements will are much harder than the stuff on the first DLC, and the only advice I can give is if you start getting frustrated, play something else for a bit and go back fresh.

Step #5: Hard Tracks
Once you have passes enough Beginner, Easy, and Medium tracks, you unlock the Hard tracks. Complete all of them, with as many faults as you want to get Life is Harsh. After completing a few of the Hard tracks, you will unlock the Extreme tracks and get Trials Master. Note, if you own the DLC, you only need to complete all of the original versions Hard tracks.

Step #6: Extreme Tracks
These tracks are indeed extreme! Watch a few YouTube videos and maybe you will get some pointers. Complete the four non-DLC tracks to get Demon on Wheels. They do have time and fault limits so they are tough.

Step #7: Ultimate Endurance Tournament
Completing this tournament gets you the once elusive Marathon achievement. However, since DLC has been released a new patch made the Ultimate Endurance a lot easier. Still, you must complete a mix of 20+ Beginner, Easy, and Medium tracks WITHOUT FAULTS.

While this game has been patched to be made easier, it still isn't that easy. But, more importantly, it is a blast to play, full gamerscore or not.

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