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Originally Posted by JackAzzMcTittles View Post
Battle Rifle: Good for sprayin' & prayin' but also accurate.
Plasma Pistol: Makes killing Elites/Knights a cakewalk.
Regeneration Field: Good for holding an area without slowing gameplay by hiding.
Fast Track(or Mobility): For that extra kick in XP when i do Find a Match+2XP(Mountain Dew)(or to run through chapters).
Ammo: Gives Plasma Pistol 150% battery, & UNSC ammo can be scarce sometimes.

Feel free to post what loadouts you use and/or why you use them.
Mine is actually really similar to yours.

DMR: I've been using it since Day 1 and still love using it.
Plasma Pistol: Essential for Elite/Knight killing. Also like to EMP enemy vehicles.
Thruster Pack: Ever since I've learned to use this in War Games, I can't stop using it.
Fast Track: It is hard to ignore bonus XP per match.
Ammo: Because you run out of your preferred ammo way too much!
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