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Whats the trick to making quick money with Jackpot?

Could someone please explain to me what is the best and easiest method to make money with Jackpot? I never got into card games as a kid and I have no clue as to what Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Full House, or Straight even means. I really wish modern games like this and Dead Rising 2 would leave this shit out of games that have nothing to do with the genre.

I keep hearing that this is the fastest and best game to make money on but I beg to differ, I can make more money on that hologram game outside Outfitters in Wellspring than I do with this shit. Maybe if I knew anything about card games it would help but unfortunately I don't. All I do is try to hold on 2 of a kind unless I see 2 more like cards then I go for two pairs.

WTF am I doing wrong? Can anyone explain this to someone who is completely ignorant of card games? I fucking hate them and I never bothered to even learn the rules.

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