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Originally Posted by ThePumpkinKing View Post
Just did this about an hour ago. Nailed it on the first attempt. The Richtofen route is definitely the easiest of the two. Requires the least amount of money/weapons/steps. Haven't even tried the Maxis route. But I don't even care to if you have to kill tons of zombies in a predetermined location.

Long story short, do the Richtofen route. It's easy. And the steps are a lot more forgiving than some of these videos have made them out to be. We all jumped on the tops of the elevators. Timing wasn't perfect. But they lit up anyway. Finding and standing on the remaining tiles is just a matter of trial and error. Shooting the orbs was cake. it's worth noting that you need to shoot each orb 10 times in a row with the sliqufier. So shoot one 10 times, it should start to spin. Reload, do the same with the next. Using the Trample Steams was as easy as setting them up on the zombie markers and leading less than 1 wave worth of zombies to them to hit the tower. Figuring out the mahjong tiles was the hardest part. But you were given one chance per wave. It only took us 3 waves to figure out the correct order. Bam. Achievement unlocked. Bring on the next one, Treyarch.

I'm all for helping out others with the achievement. But please, for the love of god... Do NOT message me if you: a)Have never completed an easter egg before, or b)have a shitty k/d. Seriously. I don't mind helping. But I DO mind carrying the 3 other people I'm playing with. It isn't fun for me.
What's your GT? I'd be eternally grateful if you helped me, I got to the flinging part with the last group and we somehow screwed up. I've done EVERY easter egg in Zombies multiple times and this is the last achievement I need for 100% in this game again. Thanks so much in advance!
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