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This is what I posted to another group the other day:

Hydro - 8/10: I think that the water hazard is a nice touch and there are lots of ways to flank people which is always welcome.

Grind - 10/10: Early days but I have to give this a flawless rating. This map has my kind of level all over it. The close quarters nature (with a few long straights) is is brilliant.

Mirage - 8/10: After a few extra goes last night I continued to like this level even if I have no specific reason to. Maybe it is because I have a thing about desert levels? Maybe it is because I was a beast each time? LOL

Downhill - 7/10: Arguably the best looking of each map (along with Grind) and surprisingly non-campy considering the layout. Got to enjoy it after a few goes but we shall see when the campy buggers take hold of the map.
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