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Originally Posted by Templar Baggins View Post
seed: -2156275417643028351

- confirmed stronghold @ x: -14, z: -68 (takes you directly down to a library; end portal is just around the corner to the left)
- confirmed abandoned mineshaft @ x: -3, z: 260 (easy access from swamp via a waterfall)
- confirmed nether fortress with blaze spawner and nether wart; lots of material for the taking (nether brick, iron bars, nether fence and nether brick stairs)
- 5 full villages all in close proximity (6th at the top of the map, cut off though)

no mushroom biome
I've found a mushroom biome at X: -239 Y: 72
It's an island in the ocean but it's defo there, which makes this a really good seed.
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