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I have been playing the game so far and the combat portions aren't as good as Xcom, it seems as if their main focus wasn't on the combat but more on the strategy side. I have played every Tropico and every Xcom, so I can say that this game is trying to combine both aspects but does not out do said aspects. I can also agree that the game isn't that difficult (There are difficulty settings but they aren't affected by achievements).

I would also like to add towards the Jinxed achievement. I did this achievement with doc, I was two squares away and shot someone, one shot missed and I got the achievement. Keep in mid that I am playing this game on Steam, not on 360 and also I got this achievement on normal difficulty, so I don't know if that affected anything.

Overall, I can say that if you are big into simulation and strategy, then this game is good but if you compare this game to other games instead of going into this game with a unbiased feeling, then you will not like it. I read alot of people ragging at this game but everyone is comparing it to other games but that is not fair to this game.

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