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Did it earlier this morning, so I have some tips that may make this less frustrating:

Coordination - the elevator part is difficult for the fact that it is hard to get all 4 in a position with people on them

We got to the tile part by Round 8 - so my suggestion is getting this done as early as possible (power in round 1)

Do not create crawlers as they WILL die and end the round - try to have 1 designated zombie chaperon to keep him occupied. The zombie will appear to die after some time and will respawn in another area

Try to have done the Perma-Jug on TranZit before starting - those extra hits come in handy

The most frustrating part was the tiles!!!

Designate a secretary - need to keep track of the color / direction / number to get the egg done as fast as possible

Almost mandatory is a list of possible locations. I used NGT's guide on youtube and had some of the tiles he showed as well as ones in the following locations - 1 in the Buddha room on top of a couch off of the fallen pillar (use this to get to it) and 1 tile that was not of the achievement - it was a duck and not a wind symbol or number - this was in the power room on one of the sewing tables

We found all 4 direction tiles and only one number so we did it through trial and error, it took us almost an hour of searching and we found no more than was listed above - therefore a possible location guide would go a long way
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