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Originally Posted by InsaneKane87 View Post
I have been lucky to get a few premium items through the spinner quite a surprise. Red boxes? Is that like item box level up put past item box level up 4? I always thought there was a box of level 5. lol

I've been hearing so many more of them, I guess this is what we get for a free game, it was bad enough in GTA IV it's worse here. On top of it they all try to tell us what to do, look at my rank you think I don't know what to do < is what I would say to them. Kids are nothing but annoying. I was playing today and must of heard 4 of them yelling into their mics at once and it's so funny when they try to talk like they are in the army. "Bad guys at 12 o'clock" but you get my point?
The red box is different from the "level 5" box. You will randomly get either the regular box or a red box. both can reach "level 5". The difference is that the red box gives you 3 items at the end, where the other box just gives you 1. And as for the "level 5", it never notifies you thats its level 5. Its just a level 4 box with a crown on it I believe.
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