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Originally Posted by Harry Lloyd View Post
It is a problem, because that is stealing focus from games. Microsoft does not invest in games at all. Forza, Halo and Gears of War. That is pretty much all they have, and I am only interested in the first one. I'll tell you what MS does invest in.. a superior online service with all the features included thats what. Not some cheap bare bones laggy network like you will find on the Ps3. That's not to say MS isn't wrong for hiding these apps behind a pay wall though. You see what I'm doing here? Showing you I'm not a complete fanboy when I always openly admit to MS's own blunders like hiding everything behind this paywall. I'm just disappointed with everything about the Playstation brand this generation and it's all completely justified from what I've experienced and seen first hand. Quite frankly I'd like to see you or ANYONE face me in a verbal debate on this issue! I have never been bested by PS3 fanboy logic and never will be based on IRRIFUTABLE SCIENTIFIC LAW.

And the Nextbox is most likely going to be even more focused on multimedia and social stuff, while the PlayStation will focus mainly on games (they have TVs and players for all that shit). You are so completely out of touch with Sony it isn't even funny bud. The only good thing Sony has done this entire generation is kicked our asses when it comes to exclusives.. thats it. I could name dozens of things they have done wrong.. the biggest of them are not charging for PSN (YES I SAID IT FANBOYS) and the other is making another console that is hard to develop for... ever wonder why multiplats are better on 360 80 to 90% of the time?

Having all those side features is a problem, because implementing them costs money and resources, which could be spent on the gaming part. This is where you are wrong, these are 3rd party applications not developers or publishers (related to gaming) pal.

Yes, it will probably sell well, but many gamers will turn their back on Xbox because of that. Not me, considering how much the PS3 has failed me as a gamer and dropped the ball this generation by falling from grace, I honestly don't think they will ever get their ducks in a row. I'll keep an open mind with he PS4 but only taking anything sony has to say with a grain of salt this time.. since they are well known for lying as well as over hyping everything only to fall flat on their face with their own arrogance!

Remember the first Metro dashboard, where the Games section was placed after Videos and Music? That was just the beginning. I hate to break it to you but whether you like it not, everything is going to be more commercialized including game consoles. Also whether you see it or not, I honestly believe it is inevitable the PSN will cost you next gen. Sony can't afford not to charge after this gen. And quite frankly I hope they do because I believe it will light a fire under sony's ass and force them to improve PSN... only this time... not a snails pace, but much quicker this time around. First thing they need to do is ditch their file system and OS completely.. no wonder PS3 downloads take 4x longer than they do on 360, it's all due to that shitty system software the PS3 uses... and this would also explain why my PS3 HDD failed on me 4 times.. I swear I don't trust that fucking console with anything of importance.. my media, my gamesaves, anything!

As for Natal - Kinect is the dumbest name I have ever heard, and I have refused to use it ever since they announced it.
It doesn't matter what you think. I think Kinect is much better than move.. all bias aside of course. Seriously where do you guys come from? If you arn't going to root for the winning team....

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