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Just finished the game---my thoughts (spoilers)

So I just finished up the story mode of LA Noire. Overall I enjoyed it however the last 25% of the game really disappointed me.

This next part of the thread is full of spoilers so if you have not finished this game please do not read....

I thought that pretty much from the point that Cole cheats on his wife during the Vice city cases, everything goes downhill. I thought that they just threw that in there just for a twist (I mean they made the small indications that he liked the girl by him watching her sing, but i mean thinking someone is cute and watching her at the bar is way different than just openly cheating...he didnt even try and hide it from his partner). The homicide cases really felt like the best part of the game to me...very well devoloped and the cases all fit together.

Vice was really short and then you get demoted and then all of a sudden you are playing as some lame character whom has no police car and once again I feel like they just threw a new character right in at the end just to try and have a big finish.

I dunno if i am just ranting but I mean from the way the game started I had higher expectations for the end.

Overall I would say it was at least a unique game---the facial technology was simply amazing. I enjoyed the music and the detective work though it felt extremely repetitive.

I felt like they really crammed a lot in towards the end when the beginning and middle of the game was so smooth and not rushed. Anyone else feel the same way in regards to this game?

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