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Originally Posted by BosmaniaK View Post
Here you can ask the question a lot of people will ask/have asked.
To avoid the question being asked a number of times and the unavoidable thread, here's the official thread. Have fun!

"Why is the first Hitman-game (Codename 47) not in the collection?"

Hitman: Codename 47 is full of glitches, aggrevating bad controls and overall feels like a dry-run for Hitman 2: SA.
To make this game into a playable "HD" game, they have to remake the whole game. Which costs a lot more money than upgrading a game to "HD".

Plus, the best missions from C47 have already been remade in Contracts.

So there you go.
I'm pretty tired of them not putting the first game in. they did the same thing with metal gear solid.
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