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Here is some help with your achievement guide red_hammer.

Home Run: The earliest I know that you can get this achievement, is when you get Bigman. I just stood in a door way, 2 melee opponents attacked me and on my turn I hit them both with a wide swing, getting the achievement.

Fire in the Hole!: You get grenades with The Wolf and Squigs when they get to level 4. Throw a grenade into an area that has alot of people and you'll get one in the blast, if you don't, they retry. I did this achievement in a bank robbery mission, where my objective was to escape. Two cops had the green exit zones blocked, so when I threw the grenade, they moved but still stood within the blast radius.

Patched Up: I got this achievement by letting an enemy with a baseball bat give me a concussion and cripple me, then I simply used The Wolf and used his first aid on Big Man.

Blood Red Eyes: This one is easy and requires you to have The Knife. Simply use The Knife and when you know you are about to kill someone with him, activate rage mode and kill the enemy. Just repeat this one more time and on the third activation you will get the achievement.

Knuckle Sandwich: Just do this achievement with anyone that has high movement points and has brass knuckles, such as Daredevil or the main character (If you specd him melee, the way I did). Simply let them group up and just hit them all once, the brass knuckles allow you to move after attacking, so this shouldn't be difficult.

Slice and Dice: Very easy achievement, just use someone that uses a knife (The Knife) or buy a knife. Just walk up to an enemy and first use slice, then use dice in the same turn and you'll get the achievement.

No Place to Hide: This is a very strange one because I got this achievement without destroying any cover, only damaging the cover. I don't know if this way will work for everyone but if does not, then I will find a sure fire way to get this achievement.

Last Man Standing: Simple but can be time consuming. Make sure that the mission you are doing isn't a timed mission. Kill every enemy except for one and let that enemy knock down three of your four people, then just kill that enemy. Make sure to at least hurt that enemy, so that way you can kill him quick afterwards.

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