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Hunter mode:
Weights Training perk (No movement penalty whjen carrying a shield) for Ranger class doesn't work, every class moves the same speed when carrying the shield.

Too many bows at 20
That's 2 for each CELL soldier, 4 if you split it with the other Hunter you start with.
Three final CELL soldiers were hiding in the T-junction of the sewer pipe on the Airport map (where you spawn sometimes). I just stood at the end, drew my bow, strafed so I could shot down the tunnel, strafed back to re-draw my bow, strafed back to shoot. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. they couldn't go anywhere since the bows are a one-shot kill 70% of the time and they were pinned in which gave my teammates the ability to run down the pipe from the other direction.

Told I'm a hunter at the beginning of a round when clearly CELL

Committing suicide gives you a delayed spawn on becoming a hunter which is nice as it prevents people throwing themselves off buildings immediately to become hunters but....
being killed while AFK doesn't (I was scratching myself) doesn't result in a delayed spawn, so neither would standing still in the middle of the open I'd assume.

Loving the 80's rock guitar whirrs when you do an Assignment.
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