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Originally Posted by Fiyablayze View Post
Argh!! The game has froze and made me turn my whole xbox off about 10 times today! I'm doing ' One Man Army' and I'm up to Gideon, but the game froze during saving of the twins and when I beat levels it says 'under' for all the stats/money etc but in the map it's normal... I'm doing the 'beat bosses only' thing, am I going to have to start again because of this? And how do I fix freezing permanently?!
From the sound of things, you may have to completely restart. You can refer to the achievement guide stickied to the top of this board for some really good tips. But I would wait till the DLC comes out on Feb. 6th as it may contain a fix.

As far as freezing, there is nothing you can do unless the DLC fixes it. Some like to think they made it freeze semi intentionally to replicate the "retro" feel, but I think it's just an error from the devs that never got a fix. It doesn’t do it to me often, but I have had it happen randomly.

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