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Originally Posted by Topherion View Post
See, for example, the Wikipedia article on poker hands.

Jackpot seems heavily weighted in the players favor, as getting a pair of jacks or better is quite common. It also likes setting up flushes and two pair. Depending on how much money I have, I start at about $25 until I hit either a run of two pairs or a flush, then increase the bet by 5. Unless you get a pair on your first hand, prioritize face cards, as these will have a greater chance of not losing money if paired. If you see four cards of the same suit, you can attempt a flush.
Thank you for the link. I was going to research what all the different hands were but I just thought someone here could just tell me off the top of their head what to look for. The Royal and Straight flush are what I really want, well those and four of a kind obviously.
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