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Originally Posted by eiVaL View Post
i just got the game and yes it works, you need to have the disc in and the 2 arcade games appear in your My Games section.

the games arent that fun tho, its very dated and the only achievments are basically "beat the entire game" so unless you're a diehard you'll probably get bored or frustrated

and playing the new Doom 3 isnt any better interms of todays games, its just like any other cheap FPS with lame, its almost exactly like the first Dead Space script, except with cheap graphics and gameplay lol, but its better than Duke Nukem Forever

no matter what i'll come across as pretentious however,

We're on an achievement website, a website that helps people get achievements, let alone in the forums section where people find answers to problems on how to fix glitches, find exploits, find boost partners, or even simply boast about the hilarity that ensues while grinding for said achievements. so naturally we're possibly here for help beating doom I and II more readily or finding an exploit so we don't have to.

While the achievements aren't necessarily inventive doom I and II maps are arguably the most intelligently designed fps game genre maps of all time. Among other family members heretic, hexen, wolfenstein etc. now we have "nuketown" help with immersion but to say doom to doom 3 has cheap gameplay as compared to a horror game that is predictable to the millisecond that came out 3 years later is offensive sir, opinion or not. duke nukem's script itself, while "cheesy", is still better than the aforementioned survival horror game. D. nukem's gameplay however is a different matter comparatively.


I say press on oh sir of the achievement hunting variety and enjoy a moderately entertaining game with respectable high b rated gameplay and tension as well as a league of challenge for those that wish it. As well as a wonderful tacked on time portal to games that regale us with a period when bashing your head against walls could open doors
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