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I'm glad I wasn't crazy and Creature Level IS new, haha.

I am still Lv.1, my friend is 2. I assume it has to do with kills in Agent Hunt, not just wins, as I only have one kill and my friend has 3.

Yuka Nanjyou is a model, I believe. Not 100% sure. Haggy has something to do with a Capcom newsfeed or something. Can't find much info, but it's related to Capcom in Japan, so it's weird that we're even getting them. Seeing as I didn't buy any figures yet, this works out great though since it counts and gets me the badge/points.

Also, someone already ruining the EX3 event (until fixed) by having 9,999,967 kills. Ugh. Really dude?

Anyway, I only have 6 kills so far, and my co-op friend has only 3. Forget how many times we played, but it sucks that deaths don't count and there's only two Ogromen in that stage, I think. And it only counts ones you personally killed, so if we only make it to one of the giants, only the one who kills it gets it.

Luckily, Chris's EX loadout is great for this, since you can just Rocket Launcher him. It's perfect.

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