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Oh, I know they are separate, but I don't see Capcom doing much with RE6's after Revelations comes out. They'll do it for a bit, then probably just repeat stuff.

Similarly, Nintendo has the "Global Link" for Pokemon and the one for Black/White is separate from Black 2/White 2, but they pretty much abandoned the Black/White one shortly after BW2 came out. I expect the same of

They'll have an event for each remaining Mercenaries Map (6 left I think?), more speed runs for the rest of the chapters, something for each DLC mode, and probably a few more "kill x amount of this enemy" before just looping everything. Though they may have "Kill the most with this gun/weapon" or "Kill the most with grenades" or whatever.

Not to mention, by the time RER comes out, I imagine most people will be completely done playing RE6 (it will be over a half a year old) and only some dedicated fans will keep participating, since people will probably have everything on the site and in the game by then.

I guess we'll see, come May/June.

I'd like to think Capcom *would* keep supporting it and coming up with new events, I'm just curious if they will or not.

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