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Originally Posted by StayonTarget View Post
Shafted 35

In Die Rise, use Pack-a-Punch and all perk machines in one game.

This WOULD cost a Total of 18,000 Points Solo or 19,000 Points in Multiplayer. However, you can only buy 4 perk-a-colas at once. If you have 4 the only way you can get 5 or 6 is if you kill the jumping zombie round with only a knife. The first time it will only take two knives to kill.

You can also down yourself if you have quick revive (Solo) and then buy the two perks you are missing. You won't need Quick Revive to pick yourself up in Multiplayer because you will need to rely on the other players to pick you up.

Most Perk Machines tend to be in the elevators but the spawns are random for all except Quick Revive when playing solo as it is in the starting room.
  • Speed Cola - 2000 Points
  • Mule Kick - 4000 Points
  • Quick Revive - 500 Solo or 1500 Multiplayer
  • Who's Who - 2000 Points
  • Juggernog - 2500 Points
  • Double Tap - 2000 Points
  • Pack-a-Punch - 5000 Points

You may have also heard about PhD Flopper being in the game. The machine is there as an easter egg but there is no way of actually getting the perk
I tried this in a custom game on easy with two other players yesterday and bought Double Tap and Who's Who, I downed my self then revived my self. Then bought the other Juggernog, Mule Kick, Speed Cola, and Quick Revive and then I pack-a-Punched my AN-94. The achievement didn't pop. Any suggestions guys?
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