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Originally Posted by epslion View Post
Starting a boosting party for all 4 of the ranked match achievements (Standing Here Beside Myself, Beat the Meatflag, It's Good to be the King, You Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine) because I found it nearly impossible to get a legit match started in any of the MP playlists since few people are still playing this game.
Feel free to add yourself to the list!

1. Hwasuto
2. Muramasa Diablo
I'm in. I'm also online right now. My gamertag is Muramasa Diablo. Currently only going for Beat the Meatflag. However, just letting you know, Ranked Match is NOT necessary for those achievements; Social Matches work just fine (got It's Good to be the King about an hour ago). I'm willing to help you get the other 3 achievements, though.

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