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Fifa 13 - formation advice.

Okay so I'm using the latest squad and playing as QPR. I made a few roster changes that I will mention. I am not sure what formation would get the most from my roster but would like all ideas explained. I'm currently running 4-1-2-1-2.
Roster changes: Zamora (love him in real life just cant get what I want out of him) for Odemwingie.
Hill >>> Okore
There are 2 newbies I also picked up but would rather not define my formation around them. I also sold bothroyed but kept the rest. Currently I am running :
ST: Remy and Odemwingie
Cam: taarabt
Rm: granero/Diakate
LM: dikate/hoilette/park
CDM: M'bia
LB: traore (personal hate for fabio)
Rb: onohau (could have spelled wrong)
CB: okore/Samba
**i keep changing out the RMs and LMs because I'm trying to find my overall favorite players for that spot but I frequently change them to counter opposing midfielders or to provide what ever I need on the pitch.
Thanks for all advice stated.

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