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Unhappy I am disappoint

The OP makes good points. The game is certainly not worth the amount of MSP I shelled out for it. I really did have high hopes for the game after playing the demo, but I was disappointed by many elements of it. To note: the hack-and-slash was entirely generic, the range of melee weaponry overly simplistic (3 categories: High-Power/Low-Speed, Medium-Power/Medium-Speed, and Low-Power/High-Speed) with the crossbow not being much of an addition to the arsenal either, and the dark overtones only hid the poor graphics. Further, (and this is more a personal peeve), everyone kept saying "family" when they really only meant Crom's wife.
The group combat was a little frustratingly difficult when you would have a horde of enemies ambling towards you, and just to get close enough to one you put yourself in range of the one, two, or billion others in the group who are charged up and just about to strike. Additionally, the camera angles did not help either. When you're busy rolling around trying to isolate a foe and you can't see your character because you're looking at him from UNDERNEATH THE DAMNED FLOOR then it's a little aggravating.
Now, don't get me wrong, I certainly did enjoy playing the game, and was glad to have bought it. The story line was somewhat engrossing as well. But Bloodforge was by no means worth a whole 1200 MSP.
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