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Don't bother with straight/royal flush. Your best bet is to just try to get pair/two pair/three of a kind/full house/four of a kind, or maybe flush/straight if you're one card away off the initial deal.

I always bet 50. After the deal, if I have a single jack or higher (or a pair of 'em), I keep it (them) and throw everything back. Unless if I have a any lower pair, I'll usually keep lower pair and toss the rest, hoping to get to three of a kind. That's pretty much it. If you get to two pair, hope to get the full house. High pair/two pair/three of a kid hands should keep you around even, full house and 4 of a kind are your payoff hands. Don't bother trying for straight or flush unless you're one card away from the start, and even then your chances aren't great.

Just save when you get a payoff hand and/or reload if you hit a bad losing streak.

I have no problem making a few thousand in 10 or so minutes.

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