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Originally Posted by Jamski View Post
It depends how you play and what your strengths are surely?

Personally I seem to be able to make/pick out runs through the middle better than playing the ball wide and getting crosses in. Therefore I set me team up narrower with a similar formation to you describe, or maybe a 4-4-2 diamond 'wide' formation as in some games I find there's too many people in the middle.

I think whatever you do try and play players in their positions, not sure if it matters but it seems to work better for me. Oh, and I had a player that wanted to leave as he was homesick. I continued to play him and seemed to struggle. As soon as I dropped him the whole team seemed to play better. It was probably just me but did seem to make a difference having all happy players!

That's wierd I usually have taarabt mad first season because he wants more money than I can afford in season 1, he still plays amazing but Maybe he could play even better if he was happy, I try to play people in their positions but sometimes that just dosnt work, example bobby Zamora he is a great forward but his workrate is low for attack. So I actually put him as a back up midfield since he's good in air has good strength. This time I conviced myself to sell him but I usually struggle with him as a st
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