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Originally Posted by Hurricane Of 87 View Post
finally figured out how to mark and it's more sillier than ever.
Press up on the D-pad to pull out the binoculars
THEN press the back button.
I can confirm that I was told COMPLETE BOLLOCKS.

All you have to do is look at another player through the binoculars/visor and they'll be highlighted shortly afterwards, if not cloaked.

Finally using all the gadgets and playing as the loadouts suggest I should instead of being Rambo all day.
The flashbangs are excellent, I just didn't know how excellent until I was hit with several of them. The entire screen goes white, no HUD at all. They're literally clueless. I managed to clear a Crash Site by myself against 3 opponents. They're the shit.

Finding the side arms surprising effective as well. and they're nicely balanced with the main weapons in the default loadouts too.
The Sniper gets an UZI, nice for softening them up for the big elbow.
Shotgun gets a silenced pistol so they go ninja for a few seconds.

Usually not fond of sniper rifles but I like the one in this game. It's not a one-shot kill but it's got a 10 shot clip, it's relatively rapid fire and there's none of that 'Hold LS to hold breathe' shit. Plus they give an auto-mark if you're ADS.

The breaching, just another cool thing to do when your charging around.
Cloaking covering your item too, so you can throw invisible shields at people.
The nanosuit telling you if you've been tagged.

Only beta-isms I saw tonight were a few dead players just remain standing after they've been killed, which could be confusing.
Tossed my shield at someone headed right for me but it stopped about 2 foot in front of them and moved with them as they continued to approach me. BLACK MAGIC.
Could've sworn I was cloaked when I was killed a few times but the killcams said otherwise. Probably need to pay better attention.

You'd think I'd have some buyer's remorse after paying for this earlier today but I felt more certain about this game than ever.

MORE: Played the PS3 version the alien weapons are different. They've got the Incinerator and Bolt Sniper (Flamethrower and sniper).

Woah at the PS3 using the bumper buttons to ADS and fire. That really threw me.
I hit the options and flipped them into the 'right' configuration but when I took control of a pinger it was still L1 and R1 to fire the weapons. Stoopid.

Think the PS3 version looks uglier a bit.

Got a sweet 3 kill combo at the end of a match, but in the post-match highlights it was showing only two of them and it was fading to black in between them as if they happened minutes apart. Full rampage intact Crytek, cheers.

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