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In the RED - 5
Use the RED Mode.

This achievement is for increasing your RED gauge. To do this, you must use both shot types at the same time (spread and laser). This is done by holding down both the button and . After a few seconds of doing so this achievement will unlock.

Prepped for Sheer Violence - 5
Select Strong Style.

When you start your game, you'll be given the chance to select one of three ship types. Simply select "Strong style" when given the option. The achievement will unlock after selecting Strong style as your ship type.

Activate Hyper! - 5
Activate a hyper by using a bomb stock.

See "Hyper Cancelling" for more details.

Hyper Cancelling - 10
Cancel a hyper.

To obtain this achievement, select Strong style, and turn off auto-bomb when given the option. To use a hyper from your bomb stock, simply hit the button and you'll use a hyper; this will earn you "Activate Hyper!". Now simply hit again before your hyper runs out to cancel your hyper to earn "Hyper Cancelling".

Increase the RED Gauge to MAX.

As stated in "In the RED", increasing your RED gauge requires you to hold down both shot type buttons. This involves you holding down + for approximately 6-8 seconds to fill your RED gauge to the max. The achievement will then unlock. Keep in mind there are ways for the RED gauge to decrease. The ways for the RED gauge to decrease are as follows:

  • If you only use one of the two shot types.
  • Dying.
  • Bombing.
  • Ending a Hyper.

Bombing ]-[|/34<# - 25
Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Bomb style.

See "Stronger than ]-[|/34<#" for more details.

Overpowering ]-[|/34<# - 25
Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Power style.

See "Stronger than ]-[|/34<#" for more details.

Stronger than ]-[|/34<# - 50

Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Strong style.
Normally in Dodonpachi, you would need to meet several conditions to enter what is known as the "Hidden Second Loop". After completing the Hidden second loop you would face the true last boss: Hibachi. This is different in Black Label Mode as there is only one loop (there is no second "open" or "hidden" loop, see "Suicide Mission" and "A Daunting Task" for information on loops). Although there is only one loop, it does not make these achievements any easier to obtain; in fact it could be said that these Hibachi achievements are harder than the original game's counterpart achievement entitled "Humanity's Triumph".

The conditions to meet and face Hibachi are as follows:

  • During stage 1-5 use a maximum of 2 bombs AND
  • During stage 1-5 die no more than once AND
  • During stage 1-5 defeat all 5 stage bosses with a full RED gauge

I suggest turning off auto-bomb. A difference between the "original" Hibachi achievement is that you are no longer required to collect Bees. Now for some important information on how the style affects the difficulty of Black Label Mode:

Bomb style = First loop of the original game
Power style = Open second loop of the original game (Power style also forces you to take the Route B/Secret route. See "Taking a Detour" for details on the "Secret route").
Strong style = Hidden second loop of the normal game.

That is the increasing order of difficulty (so Strong style is the hardest, followed by Power style then Bomb style). Keep in mind, I've stated that there are no second loops. Me saying: "Strong style = Hidden second loop of the normal game" just means that the Black Label Strong style is equivalent to the difficulty of the hidden second loop of the original game (Dodonpachi and NOT Dodonpachi Black Label).

Another important piece of information is that as your RED gauge increases, the difficulty of the game also increases. Remember as you have to defeat ALL bosses with a full RED gauge, the game will further increase in difficulty. You will need your RED gauge to be full when killing each stage boss.

When you get to Golden Disaster, you can die and bomb. It is not confirmed if you can continue and still unlock the achievement, so I wouldn't risk using continues. After defeating Golden Disaster, you will fight Hibachi. You can continue, die, and bomb when fighting Hibachi. Once you defeat him, you'll unlock your achievement.

See "[z3[)]-[|/34<#!" for more details.

Secret Achievements:

What a Waste - 15
Get a Game Over without having used a bomb.

Select Strong style and turn off auto-bomb when given the option. Simply start the game and suicide and lose all of your lives. When you lose all of your lives, make sure you do not continue. The achievement will unlock when the Game Over screen appears.

[z3[)]-[|/34<#! - 100
Destroy [z3[)]-[|/34<#!.

[z3[)]-[|/34<#! (Zatsuza) is what could be called the "True" true last boss. To fight Zatsuza, you must meet many conditions. These conditions make this the hardest achievement in the game. To fight Zatsuza you must meet the following conditions:

  • Select Strong style AND
  • During stage 1-5 use a maximum of 2 bombs AND
  • During stage 1-5 do not die at all AND
  • During stage 1-5 defeat all 5 stage bosses with a full RED gauge AND
  • Defeat Golden Disaster without dying

Upon completing all conditions and defeating Golden Disaster, (you can bomb as much as you want) you will fight Zatsuza. Zatsuza takes the place of Hibachi and is harder. But fear not! Once you reach Zatsuza, you can die, bomb, and continue as much as you want. After you defeat Zatsuza, you will unlock your achievement.

To obtain the Hibachi and Zatsuza achievements, you need to know many things such as:

  • What you are doing
  • When to hyper
  • How to tackle bosses
  • When to increase your RED gauge

Failure to know the above things will most likely result in instant death. Sadly, the way to achieve these achievements is by practice. As you practice you'll know how to effectively complete the stages with as little resistance as possible.

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