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Originally Posted by alexanderarrow View Post
ive now done this 3 times and got no achievement wtf.

can someone explain what i did wrong i bought every perk twice now and pack a punched twice.. in a pub game
When I got it right after it failed to pop, my differences were:
1. Had been in Local/easy, switched to Public/easy/custom (invite only)
2. Had done the PaP last, this time it was the penultimate machine I visited. I successfully popped the achievement when I finished with Double Tap instead.
3. I PaP'd my starting pistol. I highly doubt that had anything to do with it, but my PDW was full on ammo so I never bought a second gun from a wall, affording me the opportunity to experiment and PaP the 1911 >> Mustang & Sally.
4. Finally, I never had this experience, and it may be obvious, but you have to buy every perk - getting a perk from knifing the goblin thingies doesn't count (although you seem to get that, stating you bought every perk twice).

Hope that helps.

[Update, I forgot] The final thing I did differently on my successful attempt was to not pick up any parts whatsoever. On my first attempt I had built the trample steam, but on my successful attempt I didn't pick up any keys or building pieces.

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