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Originally Posted by WOLFkraut View Post
I thought only CoD4 had this and even then, only with the Eavesdrop perk? Maybe Halo has it, too, I don't remember, I don't have Halo 3 anymore.
Halo has proximity voice. It has since Halo 2. Nothing's better than saying a few words right before punching your enemy in the back. I can only imagine how much more rewarding it would be to knife someone if they could hear you saying "Gimme your tags!" as the animation was playing out.

Other games had it as well. Such as the Splinter Cell series. You could speak you mercenaries if you had them as a human shield while playing as a spy.

Yeah, this... If people used mics, then it'd be cool, but I haven't seen people using mics online in years. I still remember the days of CoD3/4, BC1, AC6, etc. where everyone (but me) was talking. lol. That was pretty cool. I blame parties for that, even if I really like the idea of parties.
I actually think the reason WHY nobody uses a mic in Battlefield is because, unlike other games, it's more a chore to use it in the way that you want to. For instance, a lot of people don't even know that you can set VOIP to team when playing, and think that you can only speak to the people in your squad. It's easier to invite your 5 other friends to join you in a party than bother with chatting in-game.

And you can't blame it all on parties. A lot of it is the game's fault. It's rare to find a match in Halo, CoD, or Gears, where somebody isn't using a mic. At least this is true in my experience. Where, unlike Barad, I rarely ever encounter other players with mics in BF3.

All that said, my original post was merely commenting on how pointlessly dull it would be to yell "Surprise!" when playing Surprise Party in BF3, considering the "victim" can't hear you...

Read them.... apply them.

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