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Originally Posted by Veedrock View Post
Pokemon isn't really an applicable comparison; BW2 was a sequel that has everything BW had to offer, whereas Revelations is completely different than RE6. It's more of a complimentary release because RE6 will still be a current gameplay experience.

When you consider DLC, which Capcom is fond of, Revelations shouldn't be getting any kind of significant DLC support (story, extra modes, etc) while RE6 is very capable of being updated with anything.

I'm hoping that when we get Revelations, it'll unlock Jill for RE6
I suppose you have a point there.

Still don't see how many more events they can come up with after a certain point, but they could always do DLC, but I mean, Capcom also thinks RE6 was a failure, which sucks.

As for Revelations, they could always set it up to have DLC costumes (or costumes) and characters, seeing as they added HUNK and will probably have SOME kind of DLC or other extras. I highly doubt modes though, like you said.

I'd love if they updated RE6 to have connectivity with Revelations, so that you could unlock things in both, such as, like you said, Jill in RE6 Mercenaries (complete with 3 costumes of her own, including PS1 STARS Jill) and then unlock maybe Leon in Raid Mode or something like that, with RE2, RE4 and RE6 outfits.

Oh god... if only I ran Capcom...

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