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I can't believe how far over it we are now, and still have 2 days? Already, I am pretty sure people will be getting AT LEAST 15,000 or something points, and depending on placement, obviously several thousand more. Top 100 will get 55,000 right now, top 1,000 gets like 35,000 and so on.

As of right now (though I should get more kills or I'll fall out), I'll be getting 30,000, and that's just right now (or in 2,000 kills, but still).

I could easily see the event hitting around 70,000 kills netting a base of 18,000 points for everyone, plus whatever they place.

Consider me stoked. This will get me not only a 2nd EX3 costume, but my 5th EX2 costume and already most of the way towards my 6th.

Sherry EX3 & Piers EX2 HERE I COME!

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