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I've been playing Far Cry 2 furiously for the past few weeks, not allowing myself to play anything else until I finish it. The end is very near! I've finished all the collectables/side missions (the ones I can be bothered with, anyway - no diamonds) and all I have left to do is 4 factions missions and the end of the storyline after that. I feel that a few minor additions could have made this game totally epic:
  • Fast travel between unlocked safe houses
  • No malaria
  • Longer respawns for guard posts

If they'd just removed some of the repetition and annoyance caused by the above, it would have made the game much more enjoyable I reckon. In saying that, it's not been all bad, and I've really enjoyed some parts of it. Sneaking about is great fun, as is getting into position and sniping your target from distance before disappearing back into the hills. Plus, setting stuff on fire is brilliant.

I'll still be happy to move on to something else though!
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