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To be honest, The Room was the first Silent Hill game I ever had the pleasure of playing - and despite it's origins, we'll all still consider it that.

That aside, it was an enjoyable game, though I have to say that there was little to no replay value in it, and some parts of the game were quite frustrating. For example, in the 3rd area in that game ( the weird mental hospital ) if you try to do the water draining puzzle before all the holes are aligned, and you've saved any time after that, you need to restart the entire game because there's no way to actually reassert the puzzle. It's done after that, and you can't get any electricity in the building - which of course limits everything you can do, and pretty much grinds you into a fullstop.

So while it was a good game for the most part, there were some things about it that made it not worth playing. But eh, like another said, it's Silent Hill. Suck it up and play through it like a real man... or woman. Whatever you may be.
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