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Total Awards: 4 (more» ...)
Smoothie Operator 70
Collected all Smoothie power-ups.

See "Codon Collector" for more details.

Codon Collector 70
Collected all Codon Crystal power-ups.

There a total of 20 Smoothie power-ups & a total of 20 Codon Crystal power-ups. If you collect a power-up and die before reaching a checkpoint or a save point, you will need to go back and collect it again.

Smoothies: Upgrade Ben's & Rooks max health.
Codon Crystals: Upgrades Ben's & Rooks energy.

Omnitrix To The Max 100
Fully upgraded all of Ben's alien forms.

Ben has a total of 13 different alien forms. Each alien form requires two level upgrades, each at 2,000 points (4,000 to fully upgrade an alien form). You will need a total of 52,000 points to fully upgrade all of Ben's alien forms. You should have all alien forms fully upgrade by the end of 'Plumb Crazy'.

  • Feedback
  • XLR8
  • Eye Guy
  • Shocksquatch
  • Gravattack
  • Bloxx
  • Four Arms
  • Cannonbolt
  • Diamondhead
  • Wildvine
  • Heatblast
  • Wild Mutt
  • Artiguana

Plumber Power 60
Fully upgraded all of Rook's Proto-Tool functions.

Rook is your partner that helps you through the entire and is really helpful. Rook has five different Proto-Tool functions that will need to be upgraded. Each Proto-Tool requires four level upgrades, each at 2,000 points (8,000 to fully upgrade a Proto-Tool function). You will need a total 40,000 points to fully upgrade all of Rook's Proto-Tool functions.
  • Unarmed
  • Swords
  • Grapple
  • Staff
  • Blaster
You do not need to play in coop to gain points to upgrade Rook. While you are in a level press and go into the Options. Make sure you have Rook Auto-Upgrade is turned ON. Rook will upgrade himself once he has enough points to.

Open Season 40
Opened 75 Tech Repositories over the course of the game.

This should be your last achievement and it is accumulative.
Throughout the course of the game you will not encounter 75 Tech Repositories. This will require you to replay levels after the game is completed in order to open 75 Tech Repositories.

Luckily if you reach a checkpoint and then open a Tech Repositories, you can suicide and open it again & again. Best level to do this in will be level be on 'That Was Then...'. Once you start the level you will have to complete a fight scene. After you have defeated all enemies, continue forward until you reach the end of the dock (where you will have to use Four Arms to climb), you will get a checkpoint here. Instead of climbing, jump forward and there will be two Tech Repositories that you can open. Simply open both Tech Repositories and then suicide into the water. Rinse and repeat until you have opened 75 Tech Repositories.

Focused Destruction 30
Destroyed 8 crates in a single attack.

The earliest level this can be obtained in is 'Past Due'. Shortly after starting the level you will go through a subway tunnel. After you get through the subway tunnel, a fight scene will be triggered. Once the all enemies have been defeated, you will need to use Feedback to destroy the metal door blocking your path. As soon as you get through, in the hallway there will be 8 crates in a corner. Simply use Feedback or a bigger alien form jump in the air and press to preform a heavy smash attack to destroy all the crates.

If you missed this in 'Past Due', you will have another chance in 'That was then...'. In the beginning of the level you will be in a fight scene. Once you have defeated the enemies continue forward, you will come to the end of the dock (where you will have to use Four Arms to climb). Instead of climbing, jump forward and there will be around 18 crates. Again use a bigger alien form, jump in the air and press to preform a heavy smash attack.

Mass Destruction 45
Destroyed 150 crates in the game.

This will come with natural progression. As you make it through your playthrough smash every breakable object (ex. creates, market stands, etc) in the area before proceeding forward. In the later levels there will be a lot of crates. This is almost impossible to miss.

If you are playing in coop and your partner smashes a crate, it will still count for the achievement.

15-Hitter 10
Performed a 15-hit combo.

See "35-Hitter" for more details.

25-Hitter 15
Performed a 25-hit combo.

See "35-Hitter" for more details.

35-Hitter 20
Performed a 35-hit combo.

This can be done at the beginning of 'Training Time'. You will be in the training/tutorial area with two enemies. Simply spam light attacks with as Ben until you reach a 35-hit or higher combo.

There are plenty of other chances to obtain a 15, 25 & 35-hit combo in the game. Ben would be the best character for this, since Ben is extremely weak it will take a lot more hits to defeat an enemy. You will make to a 35-hit combo with Ben with no problem.

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