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Just saw this on Eurogamer. I was so excited...Ubisoft is more dead to me than it was before. And after buying this, if it ever comes out. It will be the last penny they see from me. SP was the last thing I bought from them and because of the trouble with the Knives DLC, Chaudown bug, and all the AC issues, I said I probley wouldn't support them, and after the SP online dlc comes out, I won't. Forget you, Ubisuck.

Edit: Just read a story on Destructoid thats shows, via a blog, that all they did was swap Wallace's head onto Stills body and took Scott and Stills moves and gave them to him. They did this with Knives too, taking Kim's sprite and reworking it, but atleast she got her own new moves. Also, Wallace's stage clear animation is an EXACT ripoff of Amy from a Sonic Battle from 2004 on the Gameboy Advance. This is not a parody, like the other char stage clear animations, it's a straight up ripoff.

On top of all that, Bryan Lee O'Malley (the creator), and Paul Robertson(he did the pixel art for the game) had nothing to do with the game after it's initial release.

Here is 2 Destructoid links with the Wallace DLC trailer and story.

And a link to the blog with sprite comparisons.

Wow, took 5 months to make the game, and 2 and a half years to copy and paste DLC. Stay Classy, Ubisoft Chengdu.

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