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Originally Posted by Hurricane Of 87 View Post
Only beta-isms I saw tonight were a few dead players just remain standing after they've been killed, which could be confusing.
Tossed my shield at someone headed right for me but it stopped about 2 foot in front of them and moved with them as they continued to approach me. BLACK MAGIC.
Could've sworn I was cloaked when I was killed a few times but the killcams said otherwise. Probably need to pay better attention.

You'd think I'd have some buyer's remorse after paying for this earlier today but I felt more certain about this game than ever.
EA can still pump out decent Shooters, i just hope it doesn't need an Online Pass for Multiplayer.(ha, as if)
The broken death animations are something that is beta exclusive, I can imagine ragdoll physics being added to dead people though. Imagine the carnage of flying dead bodies!

I did find the kill cams inaccurate (at least they work every time) hopefully they add an option to turn slowmotion off, it messes up the pace of the game.

I did come across this annoying audio glitch in the beta where the firing sound from the HMG not the mounted one would continue to happen, constantly, after a killcam with said gun.
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