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Originally Posted by vSully View Post
I'm not exaggerating. The trick is to play fast and know what you're doing. I've usually got the "keep" cards selected by the time the cards are finished being dealt each time. There's no down time for contemplation. I guess the fact that I've been playing poker for 20 years helps.
And for someone like me who never played poker in his entire life, it takes me between 1 and 2.5 hours to go from 0 to 9,999. Not a long wait but I wish I I could do it faster. I simply can't though. I also was going for alot of straights, If I saw a number sequence I would sometimes go for that as well.

Either way, I'm onto the 2nd disk, I won't have to make money in wellspring again. I can now just use stew in subway town and sell his viper rockets to that extremely hot chick for a profit!

I know you only tried to help and thanks again man.
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