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Well, that's a pretty old thread but I have a problem with the DLC (I have the "Full Package" version).

I finished the main game, played and finished "Gangstas in Space", "The Trouble with Clones".

Most of the activities of this DLC appeared during the main game but not the second one with the Panda.

So my question is, how to make it appear ?

I tried the trick with the "Viewer Pack" trick but no luck, it even make dissapear the icon of the only activity from "Genki Bowl" that has been unlocked so I had to reload my save again to make it reappear.

Edit : I finally managed to get this last activity by trying to downloading the DLC directly from XBOX Live (you can in the in-game menu then it appear in the buying history like any other DLCs) and I also cleared the cache.

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