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Exclamation The bottom line - Versions and Season passes

Retail disk -
  • Allows me to get the 1000??
  • Allows me to get some? Trial?
Retail disk Season pass -
  • Allows me to get Season 1 1000?
  • Can be used for Season 2 1000?
Season 2 -
  • Can only be purchaced with 2400?
  • Can use retail disk code to purchace?
  • Can only be purchaced in game? (No DLC on Marketplace!?)
Ive been given 3 copys of this game sealed.
Wondering if to even bother, if would NEED to purchace msp to fully complete.
Info on this is minimal. Glad you guys figured out the SmartGlass cheevos thou. Anyone with 2000gs?
Atleast they cant bring out more DLC :P (cant go over 2000gs?)

Please msg if working on:GTA4, GTA5, All GoW
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